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Amazing 3D Printed Figurines

For weddings, anniversaries and families

dynasty couple klones

Dynasty offers a unique new way of turning precious moments into memories you will cherish forever. We capture each and every exquisite little detail and turn them into beautiful Klones, sculptures with a sandstone finish, crafted to perfection through an amazing combination of Art, Craft and cutting edge Technology.

Placed in beautiful dioramas handcrafted by select Indian artisans, Dynasty is the future of creating memories.

Amazing Personalised Books

Star in the books you read!

dynasty couple klones

It is difficult to get kids to read in a world of smartphones and video-games. At Star and Read, we try and capture the attention of a child by putting them inside the books they read. Then the story takes over.

Visit to create your own personalized books. Digital books are free to download while Printed books can be purchased and will be shipped within 48 hours.

Redeem Products

Scratch card or Kits Redemption!

To redeem products, make your klone and then select a product

Klinja Kit - The Guru's rescue
Klinja Kit - Revenge of Vishmani
Hero Kit - upto 4 years old
Hero Kit - 3+ year old (girls)
Hero Kit - 3+ year old (boys)

* You can use alternate ways to redeem if you are unable to upload a proper photo. Our team will assist you in redemption of your products.

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Amazing Personalised Rhymes

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