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Come to the funnest place in the world - Toozo Town. Here your child becomes Toozo the tiger and stars in rhymes and stories with amazing friends - Genius Gaju, Lazy Miu, Silly Perro and many more.

Play the enchanting videos to engage your toddler's attention anytime, anywhere. While driving a car or feeding them or even on a flight, with no need for a data connection. The videos are downloaded and stored on your device.

So, what are you waiting for? Upload a photo of your child and let the magic begin. Get started on a wonderful journey, with many adventures and a little bit of learning!

Amazing Personalised Rhymes

Starring your child!


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Once you become Toozo, you get access to 20+ personalized rhymes and songs. If you like them you can buy them for a one time payment. Rhymes and Songs can be downloaded in our app for viewing.

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